Miopia is a defect of vision that is manifested by the impossibility of clearly distinguishing the objects located at a greater distance. This happens because parallel rays, which come from an object, when crossing the eyeball, focus ahead of the retina, only allowing the distinction of objects at a lower distance.The eyeball of men is more elongated, Being divergent lenses to correct the sight, moving the outbreak on the retina.

How do we find out if we have myopia?

The symptoms of myopia are discussed a lot, but the main symptom of myopia is the emergence of difficulties in distance, Thus, patients are presented in ophthalmological consultation, where the value of special devices (dioptron) is established. Diopters and doctor recommends their correction variants.Also, following the specialized consultation, the degree is set myopia and if there are associated eyepieces.

Miopia grades:
  • Small myopia (up to 3 diopters);
  • Mean (between 3 and 6 diopters);
  • Mare myopia (over 6 diopters);
  • If the value is over 9-10 diopses then it is myopia forces or pathologic myopia.
  •  Miopia is a defect of vision that is manifested by the impossibility of clearly distinguishing the objects located at a greater distance.


    • inheritable: Because of the genetics 89% of myopy parents having myopy children.
    • Combination of hereditary factors with the environment
    • The influence of the environment on the muscles of the eyeball.
    • Excessive and prolonged contraction of the ciliary muscle


    Effective and modern treatment methodsE

    One of the most modern and efficient methods of treatment is the Machine Correction Operation, Miopia operation As it is known, through which the global refractive of the eye is achieved and eliminating the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.Myopia surgery can be done with the laser or by Replacement of the crystalline with an artificial crystalline (similar to the cataract surgery). Operatiile laser Removes cornea remodeling with dioptrils, using one of 3 techniques:

  • PRK;
  • FemtoLASIK;
  • ReLEx SMILE.
  • All is made within 10-15 minutes for both eyes, with dowel anesthesia, are painless, they have a high degree of safety and allow the rapid resumption of the usual activity after surgery (read, work on the computer).Most patients are surprised by how well they see, shortly after surgery.

    When there are big myopies or laser techniques are contraindicated, we have other options:

  • ICL Operation (Collamer lens implant) that involves inserting a lens (Visian ICL) inside the eye, Behind the iris and in front of the crystalline, with the role of focusing light rays in the retina in a clear picture. It is like a kind of contact lens, but intraocular.
  • Following the consultation and specific investigations, the ophthalmologist establishes with the patient who is the most appropriate technique for correcting myopia.

    Methods of treating myopia is the operation to correct myopia