Laser treatment

LightLas 577 Yellow Ophthalmic Laser - A New Innovation at Ophthalmocorrect Promed
The Promed Laser Aestive Medicine Clinic Use modern laser systems: The newest ND & EB fractional laser YAG, which is efficient and delicate, without traumatic burns (similar to the CO2 laser), allows you to remove spots, melasma, wrinkles, Scars, stretch marks, tattoos also designed for acne treatment, face rejuvenation procedures, neck, neckline and hands.
YAG Laser Fractional Nd & Eb – Effective procedures with excellent aesthetic results and a minimum rehabilitation period.

The principle of operation

Everything starts from the preoperative hall, where you are prepared for intervention, initially administer local anesthesia in the form of droplets, in this way cataract operation is completely painless. Then follow surgery, the duration is variable between 5 and 15 minutes depending on how advanced is the cataract.Cataract surgery consists in replacing opacified crystalline with a transparent one. The operation is performed at a special microscope with an ultrasound probe, the incisions are very small so they do not require suture, they are self-sealing and recovery is very fast.

Laser treatment-allows you to remove blemishes, melasma, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, tattoos designed for the treatment of acne, procedures for rejuvenating the face, neck, décolleté and hands.
  • Is minimally invasive
  • No sutures and under local anesthesia
  • The incision size is less than 3 mm
  • Surgery itself takes a maximum of 15 minutes
  • The risk of infection is reduced
  • Recovery period takes several days and minimal restrictions
  • Visual recovery up to 90%.
  • Immediate and amazing results
How do I prepare for cataracts?

The most important aspect is the diagnosis.First of all, it is necessary to consult concrete evidence, which will demonstrate that cataract operation is necessary, because there may be another ophthalmic problem.At the Medical Ophtalmocorrect Promed Center, you will receive consultation at only 200 lei.

When should I operate?

In the old days, when someone was diagnosed with cataract, he said he had to wait to "bake", so people became blind, until surgery.Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology of the Medical Center Ophtalmoccorect Promed, now cataract surgery is easy and very safe.By applying the new method of facoemulsification - you no longer have to wait for the evolution of cataracts (maturation), rapidly and secure cataract in less than 20 minutes without risks, sutures and hospitalization!

By applying the new phacoemulsification method you can get rid of cataracts quickly and safely in less than 20 minutes without risks, sutures and hospitalization!